At Spicewood Farms, we bring you the World of the Horse, one of the most beautiful & fascinating of all the animals on earth. We are committed to inspiring youths & adults to look at horses with the wonder and marvel they deserve. To that end, we offer an Educational Package for Small School Field Trips, and we assist Brownie & Girl Scout Troupes in their quest for the Horse Fan Patch. For 6 kids or less, the program is 1 1/2 hours, $250. For 7-12 kids, the program is 2 hours, $300.
 For 13-20 kids, program is 2 hours, $375
we'll provide the following:

~~Introduction to the Horse~~
~~How Horses View the World Around Them~~
~~Parts of the Horse~~Colors & Markings~~
~~How to Groom a Horse~~
~~Different Breeds of Horses & Their Characteristics~~
~~ Horse Riding~~

If you need other topics covered, we will be happy to tailor a program for you. Email me at for more information or questions.
How horses view the world.
How we train horses.
Human-horse relationships.
How horses communicate.
Why they trust us.
Horse social structure
To inquire about available dates, email