Q. For what ages is this party appropriate?
 A. Kids turning 5-11. If your child is turning 4, they are too young. If the birthday child   
      is turning 5, they will ride a pony instead of a full-sized horse.

 Q. How do I reserve a date?
 A. Email spicewoodfarms@hotmail.com to see if your preferred date is   
      available. When we agree on a date,  I will mail you a contract.
      Return the contract with deposit (1/2 down), and your date is secured.
Q. How far in advance do I need to reserve a date?
A. Bookings are available on a limited basis. Sooner is better than later!
 Q. How long is the Standard or Deluxe party?
 A. Typically they last  2 1/2 hours.
 Q. Can I bring food?
 A. Of course! We just don't have fridge space. So bring a cooler if you want to keep 
      things cold!

 Q. Can I order pizza and have it delivered?
 A. Sure! Mr.Gatti's delivers here. Just make sure you tell them that the Farm  
      entrance is on Whitecliff, even though our address is 6607 Spicewood Springs.

 Q. Does the limit of 20 kids include siblings?
 A. The limit includes all riding kids.
 Q. What if it looks like it is going to rain on my party day?
 A. If there is a prediction for rain, I will call you a couple of days prior so you can    
      look at options.Because most of the activities are in an uncovered area, rain can          
      be an issue. If there is a need to cancel because of rain, you get your entire 
      deposit back. Or you may choose to reschedule. Weather forecast link

Q. Can I come early to set up?
A. Of course! If you want to come early, 30 minutes is usually plenty of time. If you    
     are doing the Standard Party, be sure to bring 2 plastic table covers. Coming a   
     little early gives you time to set up table covers, organize snacks, drinks, etc. If 
     you are getting the Deluxe Party, there is no need to come early! We do everything
     for you! All you have to do is show up!

Q. Can I combine 2 kids' birthdays into one party?
A. Absolutely! It is a great way to split the cost with a friend! For a 2-kid birthday
     party, simply add $25, to cover the extra Spicewood Farms T-Shirt, and Golden 

Q. Do you accept credit cards? When is the balance due?
A.  We don't accept credit cards. Balance is due in CASH at end of party.    
Q. Can I bring a Pinata?
A.  Of course! We have a hook and rope pully set up for you. And we provide the stick!
Q.  Is there a weight limit?
A. Yes, I would say the weight limit is approximately 100-120 pounds. This usually  
     only comes into play when teenage siblings want a ride.

Hope that answered all your questions!
If not, send me an email at SpicewoodFarms@hotmail.com